Wordpress taxonomy convert checkbox to radio buttons

I need to convert post type’s category sections checkbox to radio buttons..

So i have search for it and i got replay from below link and also its function added in this page..


function wpse_139269_term_radio_checklist($args) {
if (!empty($args['taxonomy']) && $args['taxonomy'] === 'service' /* <== Change to your required taxonomy */) {
if (empty($args['walker']) || is_a($args['walker'], 'Walker')) { // Don't override 3rd party walkers.
if (!class_exists('WPSE_139269_Walker_Category_Radio_Checklist')) {

* Custom walker for switching checkbox inputs to radio.
* @see Walker_Category_Checklist
class WPSE_139269_Walker_Category_Radio_Checklist extends Walker_Category_Checklist {

function walk($elements, $max_depth, $args = array()) {
$output = parent::walk($elements, $max_depth, $args);
$output = str_replace(
array('type="checkbox"', "type='checkbox'"), array('type="radio"', "type='radio'"), $output

return $output;



$args['walker'] = new WPSE_139269_Walker_Category_Radio_Checklist;

return $args;

add_filter('wp_terms_checklist_args', 'wpse_139269_term_radio_checklist');


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