Youtube and Vimeo shortcode for embed video

Youtube and Vimeo both services are very fine and provide iframe code so we can use them in our web site.

But sometimes we need different type of view. For example, if i want to display only video image, but don’t show title, image etc…..

Here I have find some code for youtube and vimeo


Shortcode Name Value
autohide 0 for visible1 for hides everything

2 for hides the video progress bar

controls 0 to hide the controls
disablekb 1 for disable the keyboard controls
hd 1 to enable hd playback
fs 1 to enable fullscreen mode
rel 0 to disable the related videos when done playing
showinfo 0 to disable display information


Shortcode Name Value
title 0 to hide title
byline 0 for hide “from <uploaded_profile_name>” text
portrait 0 for hide uploaded user’s profile image
autoplay 1 to play video automatically

Above both code inserted into iframe’s src element.

For example,

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