Magento search not returning expected results

goto below path


and then open Result.php file

now search this method setListCollection().

it look like

public function setListCollection()
//        $this->getListBlock()
//           ->setCollection($this->_getProductCollection());
return $this;

replace below code

public function setListCollection()
return $this;

in short you need to uncomment some code so do it.

and then goto front side it will be work fine

if it will be work fine, don’t do below steps.


If search still not working, check below steps.

goto below path


and then open Fulltext.php file.

goto 357  to 360 line

and check
if($like) {
$likeCond = ‘(‘ . join(‘ OR ‘, $like) . ‘)’;

now change into
if($like) {
$likeCond = ‘(‘ . join(‘ AND ‘, $like) . ‘)’;

Note: I have tested in 1.6 version of magento



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